Naples is a city full of life that for about three millennia has become a special and important capital for Mediterranean culture. It is world famous for its artistic contribution, natural beauty and long history. 

Buildings, churches, streets, ancient fortresses and castles in the sea, as well as natural caves and places impregnated with mystery and mysticism, all of which makes Naples unforgettable in the minds of all travellers.
No only natural stages, but places symbolic of the city, an integral part of its history, of mythology and the legends that have touched it.
According to the ancient Greeks and Romans, the origin of Naples is connected to the legend of the beautiful goddess Parthenope. The city is still full of monuments from those ancient times. This former regal diva has three royal palaces, a superlative archaeological museum, art collections spanning from the classics to Jeff Koons, and an ancient centro storico bursting with secret frescoed chapels and citrus-filled cloisters.
Here, restaurants are family heirlooms. Matching other global centres, Neopolitans can boast worldclass design, trendy bars and cool clubs. Here though, the cutting edge lives side by side with the Naples of neorealist film director Vittorio de Sica’s imagination. But like the city’s native thin-crust pizzas, there is more beneath the surface. 
In Naples you can find also important research centres and two worldclass universities. Naples – truly a city of the past looking strongly to the future.
napoli panorama